Music is more than just a hobby and passion for students. It has the ability to change lives. Students will gain a wealth of knowledge about how music impacts many aspects of society and leave inspired to continue learning. From workshops created around state standards, to our career-based Backstage Pass program, we’re giving students the opportunity to learn about all subjects through music.

Upcoming Education Workshops & Programs

CLICK HERE to view our scheduled education programming including current workshops, current programs and education programming archives.

Youth Leadership Council

Local high school students offer up their voice on how the Museum can continue to impact the region as the lean more about the music industry. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Summer Camp

During our week-long day camp, learn about what it takes for a career in the music business as we explore the creative and technological processes of recording and performing. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Delta Sessions: The Next Step Project

The Museum seeks to identify, engage, and nurture the next generation of Mississippi Delta musicians and provide them with the skills needed to develop the capacity to tell their stories through music and songwriting. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Additional Questions

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