Sweet Crude

Performance on the Front Lawn

Join us Saturday, April 1 for a performance by Sweet Crude on the front lawn of GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi.

Sweet Crude is an extremely exciting new group with haunting and mesmerizing vocals sung in Louisiana French and English.  - Pop Matters

Louisiana bilingual pop project Sweet Crude is a young 6-piece composed of New Orleans musicians creating a sound that sets English and Louisiana's native French dialect to decidedly non-Cajun music.  The band, boasting surnames like Marceaux, Arceneaux, and Chachere, seeks to reconnect with their lineage in the context of 5-part harmonies, tribal rhythms, and pop hooks.  "We're making the quirky, energetic compositions that we'd otherwise come up with given our indie rock influences.  We've got five people playing drums, we've got everybody singing, shouting, and dancing.  We're just singing a lot of the time in Louisiana French.  We want to show that the language is still alive and kicking, and that it sounds great in any genre," says primary lyricist Sam Craft.

Sweet Crude debuted in Spring 2013 and have hit the ground running.  Music from their EP Super Vilaine can be heard in FX's American Horror Story and the band has been receiving generous amounts of plays nationally and internationally on public, satellite and internet radio, especially in Francophone areas.  Sweet Crude has tested their frenetic sound on the road, packing venues from New Orleans to New York.  Additionally, the band has been making the festival circuit throughout North America.  Sweet Crude's debut LP Créatures comes out in the Spring of 2017.