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Sculpting Sound: History of the Synthesizer

Science and Sound

In The BoothHands-on programs that delve into the technical side of music.

The fascinating history of electronic instruments and the introduction to basic wave shapes used in subtractive synthesis are the topics of this program. Students will learn about the characteristics of Sine, Sawtooth, Square, Pulse, and Triangle wave shapes and by the end of the program will be able to identify their sound by ear. This program will include demonstration and discussion on filters and how they are used to sculpt sound within a synthesizer. Recommended for grades 4+.

This program is presented in partnership with the Delta Music Institute Entertainment Industry Program at Delta State University. The DMI is an independent center under the College of Arts & Sciences at Delta State University with its mission to provide students with a broad and thorough education in the technological, creative, and business areas of the entertainment industries.