Saravah! A Trip to the World of Samba De Roda From Bahia

With Jerusa Leão

Behind The Scenes - Programs that explore the history and creative aspect of the music world.

Samba de Roda, which involves music, dance, and poetry, is a popular festive event that took place in the State of Bahia, in the region of the Recôncavo and Sertão in the seventeenth century. The dance is performed on several occasions, such as popular festivities or Afro-Brazilian religious ceremonies, but also performed in more spontaneous contexts.

Jerusa Leão is a Brazilian artist, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Bahia, Jerusa grew up in the cities of this arid province, beginning her artistic career in 1995. Leão resides in Brazil, performing as a travelling solo singer and researcher of Brazilian culture. She has an ongoing multimedia research project called It’s Just a Shot Away—an exchange of cultural knowledge between Canada and Brazil. Recommended for grades 6+.


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