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Backstage Pass: Southern Halo

Sanders Soundstage

Backstage Pass programs offer students the opportunity to explore a variety of music careers, hear artists' stories first hand, and meet industry professionals. On October 18, students are invited to join us for a Backstage Pass with Southern Halo featuring a performance and Q&A in the Sanders Soundstage. Recommended for grades 3+.

Southern Halo is a soulful sister trio hailing from the small town of Cleveland, Mississippi.  Growing up in an area so rich in musical history has had its benefits for Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris. Their close-knit family nurtured the girls love of music and community support and helped boost the siblings’ confidence. Southern Halo has crafted a signature sound that is a blend of classic Country and “Pop Country” with a dash of Southern Rock or Country/Pop/Rock. It’s youthful, energetic music - made immediately recognizable by the sweet sibling harmonies that have become their trademark. Their new album, Just Like in the Movies, which was released this past April includes their first Top 25 single, “Anything is Possible.”

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