Arts to Music

Featuring Joni Bishop

Children ages 5+ are invited to join in a day to celebrate the Arts with singer, songwriter, and visual artist Joni Bishop. Arts to Music is presented by GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi and Delta Arts Alliance. Participants will begin at Delta Arts Alliance to create a work of art based on the day’s theme. They will then be transported to the Museum for lunch, sponsored by Domino’s, followed by a tour of the museum and a songwriting workshop. Students will be ready for pickup between 2 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. at the GRAMMY Museum.

Advance registration is required. Registration deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019.

Please note all events will take place at GRAMMY Museum Mississippi.

Schedule of Events:

10 am - 11:30 am - "Painting The Music" - This art workshop will focus on creating art with a music theme and is designed to let students have fun exploring the creative process regardless of their skill level. They will also examine the connection between music & art, how the two art forms intersect, and also how music inspires art & art inspires music. Students will create their own paintings of musicians, instruments, or anything musical, on wood & board, using acrylics & adding mixed-media elements (like foil, paper,  found objects, etc) to their  paintings to create new & surprising effects..The workshop will cover some basics about painting faces, capturing essential features, and will touch on topics like composition, theme, perspective, proportion, light, and color-on-color techniques. 

11:45 - 1 pm - Lunch - Dominos Pizza / Tour GRAMMY Museum Mississippi Exhibits

1 pm - 2 pm - "Fun With Songwriting" - This will be an informal program focusing on the basics of writing a song - creating a “painting” using music & lyrics as the 
‘canvas’. Students will discover that some of the techniques & approaches they used in creating their visual art during the morning session can apply to creating a song. Topics will include: How to Structure a Song, How to Tell Stories, How to Create Images, How to Express Emotions and Ideas, How to Use Rhyme. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and engage in a discussion and will be challenged to try some simple exercises in lyric writing. 


Joni Bishop began singing and writing her own songs soon after she got her first guitar at age nine. Her career as a singer-songwriter is well es-
tablished on the American folk music scene and she has toured extensively throughout the United States & Europe. Bishop's distinctive voice & accomplished guitar style have won her recognition in several noted International Song Festivals in the UK & Ireland. Her songwriting landed her a staff-writing deal with Galleon Music, a major music publisher in Los Angeles, and eventually led her to relocate to Nashville in 1989. She has won numerous songwriting awards, recorded for 2 major record labels, and has 5 original recordings to her credit. Bishop's songs have been covered by artists including country legend Crystal Gayle, as well as many independent folk & bluegrass groups around the country.
Aside from music, Bishop is also a painter, photographer, and more recently, an instrument maker. Her handmade cigar-box guitars have become a featured part of her solo performances and have been shown in galleries & at numerous art & music festivals. For more information visit her online.