"Now, yesterday and today, our theater’s been jammed with newsmen and press from all over the world, and these veterans agree with me that the city’s never witnessed the excitement stirred by these youngsters from Liverpool…Ladies and gentlemen – The Beatles!" (Ed Sullivan, as quoted in Spitz, Bob. The Beatles: The Biography. Little, Brown and Company. NY, NY. 2005)

Although the term “Beatlemania” was first used in 1963 to describe the shrieking Beatles fans in England, it quickly spread throughout – and took over – America, its airwaves, its record stores, its movie houses and its teenagers.  Although it’s difficult to fully appreciate the intensity of Beatlemania without having witnessed it directly, the phenomenon left a trail of interviews, iconic images, artifacts and recordings that allows us to piece together the excitement.  Through the below lessons for 9 – 12 grade students, let’s explore the many aspects that made this three year span such an exciting, and historic, time for music lovers in America.

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