Annual Members

GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi would like to thank our members for continuing to support our mission and education initiatives.

2021 Annual Members 


Director's Circle:

Mr. Paul Janoush

Mr. Charlie McGuffee

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tims

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sanders

Mrs. Robin Hurdle


Contributor's Circle

Mr. & Mrs. Dinesh Chawla

Ms. Cheryl Comans

Mr. Mark Hargett

Mr. Jay Joel

Mr. Andy Lee

Ms. Beth Chamblee

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Coopwood

Mr. Jerry Bullock


Curator's Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gainspoletti

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Havens

President William Laforge and Mrs. Nancy Laforge

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Nowell

Mr. and Mrs. Jed Turner

Mr. Danny abd Mrs. Tammy Whalen

Mrs. Amy Whitten


Chairman's Circle

David and Marsha Bridgers

Mrs. and Mrs. Bob Wilbanks

Jim Fields & Helen DeFrance

Mr. and Mrs. Kirkam Povall

Ms. Nancy Havens

Mr. and Mrs. Ike Brunetti


Ms. Alice Smith

Mrs. Dominique Green


Inner Circle

Mr. and Mrs. John Abide

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Azar

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Belenchia

Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Box

Mr. Keith Christopher

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Creekmore

Mr. and Mrs. Clint Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Eley

Mr. Brett Boykin

Mr. David Gates

Ms. Rita George

Mr. Thomas E. Guillot and Dr. Chris Glick

Mr. and Mrs. David Harkins

Ms. Beverely Janoush

Mr. Tom Janoush

Mr. Joseph Kersh

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Litton

Ms. Carol Puckett

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Simmons

Mr. Willie Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Smith

Mr. Stephen Smith

Dr. Myrtis Tabb

Ms. Carol Tatum

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Walker

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Warrington

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Wessel

Ms. Jayne Ellen White

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Yeager


Friends of the Museum

Mr. and Mrs. Bucky Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Les Dixon

Mr. Rolando Herts

Mr. and Mrs. Jimbo Richardson

Dr. and Mrs. Billy W. Long

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Morgan

Mr. Craig Ray

Mr. David Robinson

Dr. and Dr. Rob Shipp

Mr. Homer Sledge Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Smith

Mr. Judson Thigpen

Ms. Melissa M. Thompson

Ms. Tricia Walker

Mr. Robert J. Young



Mr. and Mrs. Dave Alford

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Aguzzi

Mr. Neal Anderson

Ms. Sarah Aylward

Dr. and Mrs. Brad Baugh

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Booker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boone

Mr. Cedric Burnside

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Byas, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Card

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Butler Denton

Mr. John Fairman

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fioranelli

Mr. and Dr. Wayne Fioranelli

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gates

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gresham

Mr. and Mrs. Walton Gresham

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Havens

Ms. Alice Herbison

Mr. and Mrs. Will Hood

Ms. Jamie Jacks

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jeffreys

Mr. Billy Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jordan

Mr. Mark Koonce

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Long

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lott

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lusk

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Mansour

Ms. Shannon McNally

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny McWilliams

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mosco

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Percy

Mr. and Mrs. Bern Prewitt

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Routman

Ms. Alinda Sledge

Dr. and Mrs. Neal Suares

Dr. and Mrs. Bob Tibbs

Mr. and Mrs. Hue Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. H. Rogers Varner

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Vaughn

Jimmie and Robin Vaughan

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Kent Wyatt


Opening Act

Bill Morris                                  

Phillip and Connie Ladner                     

Michael Aguzzi                               

Ed and Kay Coleman                                                                

Caroline Gaines                               

Johnathan and Sayward Fortner               

Don and Zofia Lindsey                        

Pam Tvrdik                                   

Raymond and Sandy Huerta                  

Suresh Chawla                                

Robert and Debbie Heslep                      

Peter Simon                                 

Ben and Ann Bailey                        

Jim and Signe Adams                         

Jordan and Gloria Goins                     

Ed and Mary Ruth Phillips                    

Jeffery and Barbara Levingston               

Bill and Jo Parker                                                  

Priscilla Aguzzi and Lana Bates            

Sidney and Pug Woolf                                          

Frances Scarborough                            

Amber and Ryan Marchetta                                         

Mary Kline                                     

Josh Armstrong                                 

Scott Nelson                                   

Gene and Cathy Bishop                        

Blake and Claire Moore                          

Joe and Kathy Weaver                        

Thomas and Dorothy Morris                      

Mary Parker Janoush                           

Robert Spiller                            

Mavis Staples                              

Roger Keys and Julia Baird                 

Steve and Janet Skelton                    

Margie Collins                            

Eloise Walker                              

Jacqueline Pennington                        

Brady and Ann Marie Pate                     

Lynn Shurden                                  

Craig and Ann Shackelford                      

Kitty Kossman                                  

Kitty Kossman                                

Jim and Lottie Mae Dawkins                    

Rosemary Bauer and David Nevin                 

Arnold Luciano                                 

Katie Portner                                

Michael and Melissa Lott                   

Don and Charlotte Knight                  

Melanie Hankins                                

Vicky Smith                                    

Madison and Jessie Stewart                  

John and Ruth Holmes, Jr.                 

John Dean, Jr.                                 

Fred and Fred Cooke                          

John D. Hubbard Jr. and Alicia Hubbard        

E. and Marlene Caston                        

Danny and Betsy Abraham                      

Dinesh Chawla                                

H.L. and Judy Dilworth                                                 

John and Ashley Cox                           

Honorable John Palmer                        

Keith and Anne Fulcher                          

Jennifer Armstrong                            

Regina Lavere                                 

Will and Andrea Janoush                       

Charles Smiley and Christina Williams          

Hamilton and Lindsay Brown                   

David and Peggie Gladden                     

Phil and Kym Schank                       

Bill and Debbie Powell                        

Alex Barillas and Wendy Caderon            

Corinne and Les Hegwood                    

Vicki Hartley                                 

Harry and Meg Howarth                          

Lajan Van Vulpen                             

Deronda Livingston                               

Bethany Tarpley                           

Andrew and Meghann Yee                         

Jon and Ellen Hornyak                            

John and Jan Brown                                    

Gary and Beverly Fioranelli                     

Marilynn Alford                                  

Carlee Calderon                               

Kyle and Amber Smith                           

Brad and Kendall Roberts                     

Joyce McCoy                                                 

Emerging Artist

Wayne and Ouida Drinkwater                      

Randy and Tanya Bolden                                           

Susan Therrell                              

Dennis and Sammye Short                          

Rance and Dru Morgan                            

Bob and Teresa Reed                         

Jonathan Brown                              

Richard and Shoan Shelby                     

John Armstrong                                   

Morgan and Pat Gulledge                     

Kathleen Rivers                           

Rose Strahan                                 

Kim Holland                                  

Walter and Donna Peden                      

Bennie Parks                              

Helen Overstreet                            

Isabelle Hays                            

Janet Webb                                   

Cheryl Fausnight                               

Judson Brown                                

Don Mitchell and Shelley Collins           

Jill Mahaffey                               

John Marshall and Melissa Alexander      

Susie Spencer Vandyke                    

Taylor Craven                                 

Malcolm Balfour                               

Hunter and Ann Nowell                           

Ben Powell                                  

Richard Word                                                              

Shirley Conner                                   

Kirkham and Amanda Povall