School Tours

Museum Tour

A self-guided Museum tour immerses students in a cutting-edge experience — complete with interactive exhibits, films and artifacts designed to explore the historical, cultural and social context of music. Upon entering the Museum, students are engaged as they learn about the creative process and the art and technology of recorded sound. 

Museum Tour + Program

Education programs at GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi cultivate critical thinking while engaging students. These interdisciplinary programs evoke further exploration and extend learning outcomes for students before and after they explore our exhibits.  These programs are interactive and infuse music with MS State Content Standards and serve as a springboard for further investigation.  Education programs with special guests offer students the opportunity to explore a variety of music careers, hear artists' stories first hand, and meet industry professionals.  Space is limited for these programs and must be booked in advance. All education programs must be booked no less than two weeks in advance and require at least 20 students. 


Step 1: Pick a Date!
Bring your students for a tour! Choose a date that works best for you school. Tours are self-guided, last up to 90 minutes and take place between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Step 2: Pick a Class!
Want to add an education program to your tour? If so, plan for an additional 60 minutes at the Museum. Choose one of our scheduled programs or pick from a menu of classes by clicking HERE 
Step 3: Book Your Tour!
To book your reservation for a tour or an education program+tour, click the link below. Lunch options are available upon request.

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Additional Questions

Please email [email protected] or call 662.441.0100.