Education Mission & Program Goals

The GRAMMY Museum seeks to educate and inspire all Museum visitors and Members as to the enduring qualities and cultural significance of popular and classical music. By implementing a variety of innovative educational strategies; by incorporating the advice and needs of scholastic teachers, locally, regionally, and nationally; and by presenting the expertise of nearly 14,000 Recording Academy members, the GRAMMY Museum offers the most dynamic and exciting educational programs available from music museums today.

Education Mission

Use music as a gateway to learning; inspiring and cultivating creativity, critical thinking and self-expression.

Program Goals

  1. Create an enhanced exploratory experience for students and teachers visiting the Museum.
  2. Equip K-12 educators with strategies and resources to demonstrate the power of music in the classroom.
  3. Educate youth and families in ways that encourage and enrich their own musical appreciation and expression.
  4. Prepare youth to pursue post-secondary education and professional careers in the music industry and related fields.
  5. Increase access to music programs in underprivileged communities, empowering youth to reach their full creative potential.
  6. Contribute to and lead the movement to increase music education in schools and communities.