Bandslam Reel Thinking Webisodes

Explore the GRAMMY Museum with the cast of the movie Bandslam! Watch as Gaelan, Vanessa and Aly break down the basics of musical genres, songwriting and recording and how they relate to you, as a student.


This short 3-minute video introduces students to Genre with the cast of BANDSLAM. Use it with the Bandslam Activity 2 "Understanding Music Forms" to create a complete lesson that's fun, hands-on and unique!


In this video, the cast of BANDSLAM explores how songs and songwriting employ poetic devices like rhyme, metaphor and simile. Aly Michalka of the pop duo Aly and AJ discusses her own songwriting process and challenges students to write their own song. Use this video with the entire BANDSLAM Educator Guide, or as a unique accompaniment to a Creative Writing or Language Arts lesson.


This video offers students an introduction to music recording with the cast of BANDSLAM and a real life sound engineer. It asks students to research how many people work on one individual song. Use it with the BANDSLAM Educator Guide Activity 6 "Revolutions in Recorded Sound" or as a fun accompaniment to your own unique lesson plan.