Youth Leadership Council

Come rock out with us! The Youth Leadership Council is looking for local talent to participate in the 2nd Annual Front Porch Music Showcase at GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 3 p.m. The Front Porch Music Showcase is presented by the Museum’s Youth Leadership Council to spotlight local talent.  CLICK HERE for details and artist submission information.

The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) at GRAMMY Museum Mississippi gives students a voice in the Cleveland community. YLC members will help spread the word about GRAMMY Museum Mississippi and be an example of how music engages and empowers students. Leadership, public speaking, and event production are just a few of the skills students will gain through their involvement. The YLC is sponsored by the Cleveland Rotary Club and YLC members will become representatives of the Museum and Cleveland Rotary Club. They will learn how to serve their community and encourage their fellow students to take advantage of what the Museum has to offer youth.

Membership in the Youth Leadership Council consists of the following:

  • Receive lessons from GRAMMY Museum Mississippi staff on GRAMMY® Awards, GRAMMY Museum Mississippi, Mississippi’s music history, Museum careers, entertainment industry, and more.
  • Students create and produce events at the Museum with guidance from Museum staff.
  • Participate in Museum programs and meet entertainment industry professionals and guest artists.
  • Receive docent training from Museum staff to lead tours at the Museum.
  • Brainstorm & create ways to involve other youth and get them to participate in programs at the Museum.
  • Volunteer and participate in other community events to show support for their community.
  • Group will meet at least once per month, sometimes on weekends, and in the summer.
  • Take a field trip to tour museums and learn how the tour process is conducted at other institutions.
  • Tour recording studios to learn about the music industry and the studio’s history.
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