Education programs and interactive workshops at GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi cultivate critical thinking while engaging students. Interdisciplinary workshops evoke further exploration and extend learning outcomes for students before and after they explore our exhibits.  The interactive workshops include: drumming, dj’ing, music production, songwriting, guitar and more. 

Education programs with special guests offer students the opportunity to explore a variety of music careers, hear artists' stories first hand, and meet industry professionals. Space is limited for these workshops and programs, and must be booked in advance.  

Please CLICK HERE to view our current scheduled workshops and education programs or choose from the menu of classes below to select a workshop that better suits your scheduling needs.  Please note when booking from the menu of classes below, that these workshops are currently offered on Tuesdays at 11:00AM.  All workshops must be booked no less than three weeks in advance and require at least 25 students. 

Science of Sound

In this workshop students will discover how sound is created.  They will explore sound waves through technology to discover what makes different pitches.  A hands-on activity and guided work sheet will help reinforce this information.  Grades 3-5.

Influence of Music on Culture

Music has always had an impact on the world around us, whether through powerful lyrics or foot-tapping melody.  The following workshops have been prepared based on varying grade levels.

  • The Power of Music (K-2)
  • The Changing Use of Songs (3-5)
  • Musicians as the Voice of Conscience (6-8)
  • Politics and Parodies (9-12)

Music in the Movies

In this workshop students are invited to dive into the world of motion pictures as they discover the history behind music in films and learn the importance of music in the movies. (K-12)

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For questions about the education schedule and upcoming workshops and programs, please contact the Assistant Sales Manager at [email protected] or call 662-441-0100. For questions about workshop themes and curricula, please email [email protected]